Debbie Mills Biography

Teaching yoga is a passion for me and I love being able to aid my students in bringing more awareness to every aspect of their lives. I began my private practice in bodywork and energetics in 1993, and started my yoga therapy practice in 1995. I later founded the Lotus Center for Yoga and the Healing Arts in 1998 to work privately with students on asana, cikitsa (therapy), pranayama, sensory withdrawal, chanting and meditation.

There is very little that I can say regarding my teaching ability that does not directly reflect upon my teachers and their teachers before them. It is through grace and their guidance that I am able to share my experience. I am grateful and have been blessed to study and sit with many gifted teachers. Following are those who have influenced me in a deep and profound way, and enabled me to impart yogic and ayurvedic teachings: Kumar Palana, Dr. Robert Svoboda, Sri Srivatsa Ramaswami and Swami Sundaranand. Through them I have learned by study as well as transmission; Yoga Philosophy, The Yoga Sutras, Samkhya Philosophy, Ayurvedic Principles, Meditation, Chanting and Sanskrit.

These teachings have impacted my entire life and how I live on a daily basis. Like my teachers, I hope to help each student to integrate these teachings in an organic and holistic way, so that they eventually flow out of the student. Respect and Love are primary to my method of working with each student. For it is through deep respect and love for ourselves that we learn the discipline to develop a personal practice.